"Planting a hopeful future... one seed at a time"

First launch of the "Ian Hudson Recycling Project" a Success

Sustainable Initiatives enlisted local partners to install the first-ever public recycling containers on the streets of downtown Crawfordsville.

Learn the heart-warming story behind the photo on the left and of how this project went from vision to reality to ongoing opportunity.

Proof once again that small seeds can make a big difference.




Using Art as Advocacy 

Art has historically been used as a creative means of stimulating dialogues both external and internal.  Across the spectrum, it can enable the opportunity to celebrate what we value or, contemplate perspectives different from our own in a non-confrontational way.  Sometimes a piece simply provides the playful nudge that makes it a little easier to join the conversation and be open to new ideas.

SI enjoys working closely with local artists to help gently encourage an atmosphere friendly towards environmental wellness.  Read about three recent projects that were used to advocate for quality of life improvements in our community.



Crawfordsville’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan


Stay updated on Crawfordsville’s

Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan.

Read how SI is helping to support this long
range vision for our community

2015 Community Garden Season

Applications now open for the 2015 Community Garden growing season.  

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