Fixed Departure Safaris in Kenya

Kenya has been recognized the world over, as the home of the traditional wildlife hatta dubai. This recognition is not exaggerated. Famous authors like Ernest Hemingway and Robert Ruark praised Kenya and glamorized its image as a travel destination. Great personalities like Theodore Roosevelt and Sir Winston Churchill gave the country its prominence in the 1920s until it was discovered by hollywood and publicized worldwide through its silver screen.

The country has over 50 national parks and game reserves – areas dedicated to protection of wildlife and culture. A safari in Kenya still remains a pursuit for many wildlife lovers across the world. However, the cost of doing one has sometimes kept many people from traveling. And the economic recession has not made matters any better. For those to whom cost is a very important consideration, set departure safaris offer an ideal opportunity to realize this dream and experience the highlights of Kenya’ wildlife.

What are fixed departure Safaris?
Fixed or set departure safaris are those safaris that take place according to a set schedule. The dates or commencement are fixed very much in advance and safari enthusiasts have to arrange their travel dates according to these pre-set dates. The itinerary is also fixed in terms of length and the choice of hotels and lodgings. The safari itinerary is usually designed based on popular destinations to enhance the participant’s chances of enjoying the attractions and activities.

Why You Should Consider Doing Your Safari on a Fixed Departure
As much as most safari seekers would like to do a private safari because of the obvious advantages, there are a variety of reasons why one would consider a fixed departure option.

Affordability: The obvious plus for these tours is the affordability. They offer a chance to many people to realize their dreams of taking a wildlife safari in Kenya, or any other destinations which may offers similar services. Because the cost of transportation is spread out to all participants, the fixed departure safaris are truly affordable.

Less trouble while planning for the vacation: Because set departure safaris are sort of ready- made, all you need to do is to fixed your travel dates and book on the chosen date. You avoid the hassle of looking for hotels, lodges etc

Access for single traveler: Persons traveling alone usually find it difficult to manage the cost if they are to do the tour all by themselves. Schedule departure tours make it possible to join other like-minded safari enthusiast while keeping the costs down.

Fun and chance to meet new people: These departures also present a chance to meet different people from different parts of the world with different backgrounds. Besides enjoying the wildlife spectacle, you and make lifetime friends as well.

Most tour operators in Kenya have regular departures. This can be on a daily basis, weekly, or monthly depending on the demand. Travelers then book individual seats on a particular departure date after choosing their dates of travel. Once a traveler has booked their seat and paid the required deposit, they can rest assured of travel. Most of the tours need a minimum of 2 persons to operate. On very rare occasions, a departure may be canceled when participants cancel and therefore the minimum number required is not attained. A different departure date, and sometimes a different safari altogether is offered to the booked client. If the alternatives do not suit the customer, a refund is then given.